Arthur Sullivan in Romberg’s Toy Symphony

Arthur Sullivan in Romberg's Toy Symphony

Cabinet photograph of the participants in the performance of Romberg’s Toy Symphony at St. James’s Hall in aid of the Children’s Hospital in Great Ormond Street [14 May 1880] featuring: (back row standing) John Stainer (trumpet), Arthur Chappell (woodpecker), W. Kuhe (trumpet), Mr. Engel (triangle), Alberto Randegger (drum), Carl Rosa (2nd violin), John Francis Barnett (piano), Augustus Manns (1st violin), Wilhelm Ganz (viola); (middle row seated) Joseph Barnby (nightingale), Frederic H. Cowen (piano), Charles Santley (2nd violin), William George Cusins (1st violin), Lady Helen Mathilda Folkestone (host), Julius Benedict (bellringer), Hugo Daubert (cello), Jacquin Blumenthal (rattle); (front row seated on floor) Arthur Sullivan (cuckoo) and Henry Leslie (conductor). Reverse has facsimile signatures of the participants. Photo by F. A. Bridge, 9 Dalston Lane, London, 1880

Toy Symphony-02

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